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Основні вимоги на іспит з англійської мови


1.         The Article (a/an, the, or no article)

2.         The Verb

Tenses (Simple, Continuous, Perfect). Active/ Passive

Regular and irregular verbs

Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

Verbs patterns: Gerund vs. Infinitive (want to read/like reading/let smb. read, /used to be vs. get used to being)

Intentions and wishes: going to, planning to, would like to, would prefer to

Modal verbs (can, must, may, should, have (got) to, etc.)

3.         The Noun

Countable and uncountable nouns

Singular and plural forms

Possessives (teacher’s, Dickens’)

4.         The Pronoun

He/his/him/his/himself, she/her/her/hers/herself we/our/us/ours/ourselves, etc.


Somebody/something/somewhere, anybody/…, everybody/…,etc

5.      Quantifiers (a few/ a little, much/ many, some/ any, etc.)

6.         The Adjective

Comparatives and Superlatives

Than/ as..as/ different from, like, etc.

7.         The Adverb

Adverbs of frequency (usually, sometimes, always ,often, twice/ once,  etc)

Adverbs denoting manner of action (Quickly/well, ….)

8.      Sentences of real and unreal condition (If it rains, I will not come / If it rained, I would not come/ If it had rained I wouldn’t have come/ I wish)

9.      Reported speech: indirect questions, statements, requests (He says/said that…)

10.    Relative clauses (She bought the dress that/which I had seen, etc)

11.    Ways of connecting ideas (However/although/ though, so, but, because, because of, etc)

Розмовні теми:

1. Meeting people, relationships, describing appearance, features of character.

12. The cinema.

2. Greeting people and saying good-bye.

13. Sport.

3. Checking information, apologizing.

14. Music.

4. Making requests and asking permission.

15. Tourism, traveling

5. Asking politely for information, giving directions.

16. At the hotel (how to check in or make a reservation).

6.  Health and medicine.

17. A dream holiday.

7.  Food and diet

18. Family.

8. Free time; my idea of fun.

19. At the restaurant.

9. Jobs and work, money.

20. Education.

10. Shopping.

21. A personal calendar: important dates in my life.

11. Vehicles and traffic.

22. News and media.

Перелік літератури: 

  1. Верба Г. В., Верба Л.Г. Довідник з граматики англійської мови.  (будь-яке видання)
  2. Murphy, Raymond.  English Grammar in Use.  A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students Cambridge University Press, 1994.
  3. Eastwood, John.  Oxford Practice Grammar (with answers) Oxford University Press, 2000.
  4. Azar, Betty Schrampfer.  English Grammar/Understanding and Using.  Part 1, 2.  New Jersey, 1989.

Or any other grammar reference book of intermediate level.

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